Forum Mobile Maschine, a cross industry network

Safety and environmental friendliness are the challenging issues the European manufacturers of mobile machines and their suppliers have to deal with. They strive to be technology leaders and trendsetters. This is why they have founded the Forum Mobile Machines which also publishes economic data of the industries involved. The recent bulletin may now be downloaded from this website.

Forum Mobile Machines (Mobima) is a network bringing together manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers of all areas of VDMA. The following associations support it mainly:

  • Construction Equipment and Plant Engineering
  • Materials handling and intralogistics
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Power transmission
  • Fluid power
  • Engines and systems

Up to five delegates per association can be sent to the forum; these delegates should be managing directors or members of board of our member companies. Forum’s membership is personal. Its chairperson and his/her deputy will be elected.

Forum Mobima encourages the exchange between OEMs and suppliers at association level. It aims at providing inter-industry reconciliation on positioning as well as initiating of joint projects. The topics are:

Technical legislation

  • Providing information on political and legislative developments
  • Reconciling the positioning of industry’s sub-sectors
  • Drawing-up positioning papers

Market and production development

  • Presenting and discussing economic and structural developments in industry’s sub-sectors
  • Providing forecasts on production

Common research

  • Coordinating research activities of the industry’s sub-sectors
  • Coordinating joint projects at Mobima level

The English version of the updated "Mobima Bulletin" is available for download.

Dr. Theo W. Freye, Management Spokesman at CLAAS KGaA mbH

Joachim Schmid, Managing Director Construction Equipment and Plant Engineering Association